The Shapes

The people from your time are most famous for the glowing white fragile objects that you left behind. We call them Shapes, but you probably had a different name for them. Unhappily, much of what your people left us is toxic. The Shapes are beautiful though, even if they are a little toxic.

In our time, nobody knows for sure how the Shapes originated. Religion historians believe that the spiritual meaning of the Shapes must be part of a lost oral history because they are not written about in any of your books or catalogs. They also believe that you sacrificed them to your gods, which explains perfectly why most of them are all broken up in garbage dumps.

 The art historians believe that the Shapes were made simply to be so incredibly inspirational and beautiful.  Some design historians believe that the Shapes were architectural plans for buildings of the future- or the past rather, because they resemble so many of your buildings, including the buildings from your underwater lost metropolis of Miami, Florida.  My technology and society teacher said this is simply not true because it does not explain the vast quantity of Shapes that were created and the almost identicalness of many of them. I wish I didn't have to study for my exam tomorrow!

The biggest mystery obviously, is why so many of the Shapes are found on this country, thousands of miles from the Asia Collective Provinces, where we believe they originated.

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