The chair my grandfather used to sit in before he died of heart failure

The woven trophy over the top of this chair is an antique from about 2140. It was my grand fathers father’s trophy. My dad told me the trophy was a medal that his grand father received after rescuing several people during The Devastating Quake (the time when Californiya suddenly and without warning decided to separate itself from the continent). He was, unhappily, living in Californiya at that time. My Grandma said this was “crazy talk” because the infrastructure had better things to do at that time than craft fancy trophys. She said that my grand father's father was in reality a "disreputable character" and that he probably stole it. I wish I could have met him!

My grandfather used to sit in this chair.

I think Nancy Dwyer did an excellent job creating our chairs! They are actually better than ours (I am so glad my family isn't reading this) because your shapes are in such perfectly symmetrical condition. Maybe there are some very wealthy Land people here who have such perfect shapes, but I don't know them.


  1. Hello Caroline, this looks good but the cushion is not right.

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  3. I know Anla, this is all we had when we got the pictures taken. I changed the cushion for the show.