The chair with the net

We have a tradition here, on the sea, where fresh young couples create a gift for a couple that has been together for a long time. Nets, like the ones we fish with, are popular gifts because they represent the act of “catching” a love. I know, it is dumb. But I imagine you also had dumb traditions.

Coming back to the story, My wild Aunt, and her fiancĂ© Meliya, went to The Great Island of Arachne, to collect the silk that my aunt would then make into yarn to create a beautiful Net for my parents, who had been married several years. The spiders on this island produce the most amazing silk. It is so beautiful that it is similar to what your plastics looked like. Unhappily, wrestling silk away from spiders is no easy task. And one woman’s romantic adventure is another woman’s horrible nightmare. After the many hours of back killing labor, land sickness, and too many spider bites to count, Meliya was very furious at my aunt. They almost quit their relations. Now it is several years later, and we still hide the Net when they come over to avoid feelings.

I love this net but it makes me miss my mom.

Finally, Caroline Byrne wanted me to tell you that her Net (the one shown here) is actually made from hand spun Saran Wrap. This means nothing to me, but maybe you will find it interesting. She seemed proud of herself.


  1. Hello Anla,
    Saran Wrap is actually a plastic from our time.

  2. Wow! that is amazing. It looks good, but the width of the loops is slightly smaller than mine and the yarn is also a little bigger than our. But I'm sure you did the best you could. I am sure you are a good craftsperson, for your time.

  3. Uhh, thanks Anla.