Our Furniture

All of the furniture on my boat is made from antique Shapes that are in very good condition. We cover them up in completely genuine paper to make them less fragile and less toxic. Then we coat them with a resin from a special tree, which we have to import from the land of course, to protect them from the water. Things get wet sometimes, when you live on a boat in the lake.

The furniture does get dirty, because it is so white. To remedy this, we sprinkle the chairs with sea water and place them outside on nights when there is a full moon. This has a whitening effect. Annoying yes, but it is wonderful to look out over the water and see all the furniture sparkling in the moonlight.

The crafts on it are very typical of this time period, but I think ours must be extra nice. We have several good crafts people in our family. Our most common material is a woven fabric that is a side product from the process that the land people make algae energy with. We call it Algine. We use algae for everything here. We also use Sheep’s wool which is expensive but special, and sometimes bits of antique plastics.

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