Our Summer Party

I’m a little frustrated with my friend Jeny. Her Intercal hasn’t been working for weeks! I mean, It is not a really bad situation because she likes being old fashioned and can remember important things like birthdays naturally. But there are little things she forgets. For example, We had our annual Summer party over the weekend and she forgot to go! When I realized she wasn’t coming I tried communicating with her. But it was too late because her family had gone over to her cousin's boat to admire their new antique Shape- when i say new I mean new to her and simultaneously of your time.

I guess, thinking positively, there was more food for us! My dad cooked delicious Land food. There was no algae or fish in sight.  Ever since my mom died my dad tries really hard to make our celebrations special and impressive but it just makes me feel weird.

Jeny hates going to the doctor. She knows getting her Unit fixed is an extremely minor surgery but she is really squeamish. It is really nothing like going to the dentist which can be beyond horrible.

Unhappily, My dad is like that too. One time his Intercal didn’t work for five months. AND, at that same time, my mom was totally involved with her very important research on the 8th and 9th dimensions. They both forgot their anniversary! I miss my mom so much.

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