It is Holiday time!

The Shapinflate is our symbol for the Holiday celebration. It is so beautiful when all the Shapinflates are out. It looks like winter without the cold part. We have a good Shapinflate. My uncle Wilyalm is good at sewing.

The Shapinflate in these pictures was made by Nancy Dwyer and Caroline Byrne. Sometimes shapinflates are wider, or shorter, or smaller, or taller, or narrower, but this is a typical shape.  Their sewing and pattern making is very good considering the fact that people from your time were mostly extremely bad crafts people and made things that fell apart almost instantaneously.

Holiday is not a religious celebration. People have so many different religions it would not be possible for everyone to celebrate them all. I would happily have no school and no algae harvesting though! This festive time is about both remembering the past and planning for the future. The adults have lots of important meetings but also parties and us kids can relax and not go to school and eat special Land cookies and cakes.

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