Dear People From the Past

Dear people from the past (2009),
Ms. Ryler said we could write anything we wanted, but try not to put in anything dumb or mean. She said that we should be trying to make a good example. Your alphabet is slightly different than mine. After I write this, I will put it in the Language Converter, so that you will be able to read it easily. That was the only instruction, and she said she will not be reading this!!! So I can say whatever I like.
I thought I would talk about my regular and normal life, So you will know what regular and normal life is for a 12 year old girl in 2248.


My family
Cake-yellow and orange, but never red and purple
Swimming- on my back
Ms. Ryler
Geometry- that is my favorite but I like other maths
Listening to music
Celebrating Holiday
Free Time

Getting up very early in the morning
Stupid People
Cleaning My Room
Taking the refuse to the refuse boat
Swimming- on my front
Mr. Johnston
Human History
Wind- except when it is very hot
Getting wet unexpectedly
Eating Algae

I’m sorry, that was so boring!! Maybe it would be smarter and also more interesting to not put everything in a list. First, the main thing, I am a Sea Person instead of a Land Person. I am still part of the American Union, but the borders are not very defined out here. Sometimes we go to Canadia when it is very hot in the summer, and South when it is very cold in the winter. I like Canadia but I miss my friends when we go away. In 2245 we moved from Atlantic to Lake Champlayn so it is much harder to go South.

I went to the Land once, when I was 8, and my dad says I went before that but I don’t remember. We are going to the Land soon and I am very excited. I am excited mostly about ice cream (I ate it once and got very sick but it was wonderful. We don’t produce cow products nearly as much as in your time because the animals are so terrible for ecology but we do get small allowances. My mom would sometimes order butter from the land and have it delivered. She was very sophisticated.), and Pizza which I have never tried. I also am happy about the acrylic paint we are going to buy. Unhappily, all Plastics have been illegal here for a long time, after the Abort Plastic act of 2130, but my dad knows a man from an art store on land who will sell the paint to people who ask for it and are willing to pay a lot of money. I’m very glad Ms. Ryler is not reading this.

They drive scary cars instead of boats on the Land. The Land is completely different in every way but the thing I remember most is the wonderful looking trees and the strange people who looked almost like shrunken trees, the way they stood absolutely still, without swaying slightly the way that the sea people do. Overall, Land people have larger economic distances between them than we do. This leads to more “drama” as my dad calls it, which seems exciting, but there has been a lot of scientific research to prove that they are less happy than we are. They also talk funny. I hope this is not offending you, I just thought I should tell you how a normal and sensible sea girl honestly feels about land people, and also tell you there is real research behind me.

Maybe you want to know about my family? My dad is very nice, but he has his moods, especially since my mom died. Cosmology had always been satisfying for him until my mom died, after that, he became very interested in religion, almost obsessed. Sometimes it is Buddhism (when he is very sad), and then it is Celtic mysticism (when he is a little happier). It has been weird for me to see this part of my dad, but I know I should be happy it makes him feel better. For money, my dad fixes water/waste conversion units. I know it sounds unpleasant, but I think he actually likes it. He works 25-30 hours a week, and has 35 days of vacation in a year, which is normal here, but less work-time than most people had to do in your time. He does help out though with Algae harvesting. Almost everyone does.

My mother died on July 7th, 2244. Not long after we moved from Atlantic to Lake Champlain. It is still hard for me to write about, but I think you should know about her because she was (and of course I mean will be) an amazing person.

Things we value now before I forget: Honesty (this gets complicated when we are trying to protect a friend’s happiness), Quality, Creativity, Skills, Working Well With Others, Alonetime, Lightheartedness, and The Elders.

My mom was famous. Not in the way maybe that Picasso or Aretha Franklin is famous, but she was well known in some groups. She was a physics-ist at the university and did valuable research on the 8th and 9th dimensions. She was also a very glamourous woman, who had a deep exciting laugh, and gorgeous hair. She always wore sleek black clothing, even to swim in. People always told her that this was dumb, as she would be mistaken for a seal and eaten by a shark. This is exactly what happened to her in the end. I like to think about what she would say about the people that warned her. She would always say to me “I would rather take chances, and do what I want with this precious life, than listen to boring advice from boring people”.

My grandmother lives with us. She is my dad’s mother, and is getting old. She is 97. And she is not completely right in her head and sometimes says very strange things. I think it is very funny but I try not to laugh too much because it makes my dad upset. Sometimes I feel like he would be happier if he could laugh more over things, the way my mom did. My other Grandparents are all dead.

What else? Maybe you want to know what my school classes are like? I like Maths and Reading/Writing. Human history and science history are much harder for me because it is hard for me to remember stories. I get bored! Astronomy was so boring I went to sleep in class and Mr. Johnston got mad at me. The kids thought it was funny. I am hoping I will like cosmology more. We Sea People all enjoy swimming for our exercise. I like swimming on my back but not on my front. When It is very cold we jog without moving forward, or we jump over ropes. My favorite subject is painting, we painted waves all last section, and for the next section we will be painting clouds. I am looking forward to painting boats and people but I will not start learning about this until my 3rd section in the upper school. People are the hardest thing to paint, that is what my art teacher says.

I don’t know what else to say! I hope this hasn’t been very boring for you, and I hope that the Language Converter worked and you can understand most of what I am saying. I tried to use the correct words before it even went into the converter.  Mostly (I have gotten bad marks in human history but I understand basic ideas subtracting the small facts), things will get worse for you as you head into The Warming. We are still living in the middle of this today but we are able to adapt well- especially the sea people who are both more mobile and (I think) more intelligent. I feel like I shouldn’t end this being so dark and negative, but I’m not sure what else to write.

Have a beautiful Day,

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