My Summer Season

I am sorry it took very long for me to write. It is the summer season, so I don’t think about writing to you often. But I wanted to tell you what my life is like during the summer season, because you might find it interesting. I hope you get these messages. The physics-ist here say there is only 1 in a 140,000 chance that you are getting my messages, which is why the other kids don’t actually send them. I feel this contact is super important, which is why I am trying, when I could be having more fun.

Summer Season means  NO SCHOOL which is exciting. Even though we work hard all year, there is much more time for fun in the summer. Instead of school, from May to September we apprentice for the adults. At school, we sign up for the things we want to do in the order that we want to do them. The biggest sectors are Harvesting Food and Energy, Building and Repair, and Computers and Technology. Most of us work for five hours in the morning, four days of the week, and then in the afternoons and evenings there is lots of free time. I always do Harvesting Food and Energy. Today, we harvested algae. We eat lots of algae and sell the rest to The Land. They convert the algae to make Algine fabrics and fuel. Even though we are working, we can laugh and have fun, and listen to the sounds coming from the real music and radio boat which is always close by. I feel very far away from school in the summer. The adults also like the summer because we do some of their work for them. By the end of the season, many of the oldest workers take long vacations, and it is exciting to take over. The older kids are able to pick more specialized sectors like Healing, Teaching Arts to small children, and Transportation.

We also have readings for school that we are supposed to read over the summer, but most kids don't really do it. I have readings in Cosmology, 20th CenturyArt and Design history, and 22nd Century Literature. I should start my readings but I would rather write you than start my boring readings.

There are many days in the summer we don’t have to work because the weather is really bad, today there is bad wind and rain. This is one of the best things about working in the Harvesting Food and Energy sector.

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